New Job – New Look or New Look – New Job?

The Importance of Your Hair’s Appearance When Job Hunting

The health of your hair and its appearance says a lot about who you are.

It will tell an employer:

  1. Are your more conservative or liberal?
  2. Do you take care of yourself?
  3. Are you going to be a problem employee?
  4. How much value do you place on appearance?

When presenting yourself to a potential employer or for a promotion, be mindful of the appearance of your hair.  How your hair looks (especially in conjunction with your overall appearance) is one of those critical factors included in that important first impression.

Let me help you land your dream job, with the right hairstyle and look.

This client was going for job in a more conservative field, so we colored (to make her look younger) and styled in a more conservative way.

And… she got the job!

Let me help you manage your perception with great hair all the time.

The Grand Hair Salon’s Ranae Mendiola Will Help You Look Your Absolute Best & Is Committed to Your Satisfaction

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