Hair Coloring (Hair Color) Is a Fundamental Element of Every Hairstyle.

Unless hair extensions are being set in, hair coloring is usually the first service done immediately after washing and clarifying.

Once the hair coloring is perfect, highlights, cut, Brazilian Blowout, and other services are applied.

To provide consistent and successful hair coloring one must master the balance between the characteristics of the products and those of the hair.

Every hair coloring product has a different set of characteristics. A few of the considerations include:

  • How does the product interact with gray hair?
  • How well does the color interact with other color services (like highlighting)?
  • What is its longevity?
  • How much damage does it do to the hair?
  • How strong is the color?

Combine the product variables with the physical variables of the client such as:

  • How well does your natural hair take hair coloring?
  • How fast does it grow?
  • Thick hair or thin or brittle hair?
  • Your overall health (allergies to specific chemicals or odors)?
  • How drastic is the change in color?
  • How damaged is it?
  • Grooming habits (grocery store shampoo or salon quality)?

To be able to provide consistently good results takes someone with experience and knowledge and experience in hair coloring. Did it say experience twice? That’s because experience is the most important factor in successful hair color.

Hair Coloring – Highlights

Highlights, balayage, ombre, sombre, lowlights, babylights, this lights, that lights, etc.Woman Getting Her Hair Highlighted

Does it feel like the hair industry is trying to churn out new and trendy color techniques to help peddle their products?

The reality is that while we can use a different technique (freehand, foils, cap, etc.) all hair highlighting (and lowlighting) techniques are designed to use complimentary spot hair color to add depth and dimension to your hair.

You don’t need to know what today’s trendy name for it is, just tell me how you want the hair to look, and that’s what I will do.

Below Are Before & After Photos From Some Of My Hair Coloring Clients


Hair Color & Highlighting Prices

Root Color with Color Balancing the Ends w/o Blow-Dry – $83

Root Color Touch-Up or Color Glazing w/o Blow-Dry – $58

Women’s Cut & Root Color & Blow-Dry – $133

Each Additional Color (Block Color) – $12

Men’s Cut & Color w/Blow-Dry – $75.00

Per Foil (With Other Service) – $7 Each

Root Color With Blow-Dry – $93

OmBre Hair Color – $110 & Up

Balayage Color – $110 & Up

Partial Highlights – $70 & Up

Full Highlights – $100 & Up

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